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(Text by Lynn Rosa André) remember when Time didn’t devour us like children? remember when we looked up and didn’t see an open casket full of dying stars? i feel their silence in my wounds and yet: Curiosity and Perseverance are still dancing on another world among the inert bodies of their ancestors they dance, […]


(Text by Ognyan ‘Flame’ Darinov) Foreword: Why do we want to know the future? A senseless question, in a way. We might as well ask, why do we want to know anything at all? Yet the future is uniquely elusive, it’s a story we have to base on reality and yet it’s still fiction. It […]

Mère Lusine

(Text by Giulia Barbarossa) I. High atop the cliffed grey mountain stone and down below in the Alzette river sat a young maiden, her story well-known, her hair deep golden, and her eyes bright silver. Naked, she played in the gloomy green stream as water-moss and seaweed mottled her hair and the cold slice of […]


(Text by Maxime Heim) Stereo, home Stereo. We talked a lot over the years. You taught me how to rhyme. I listened through your classes. Sometimes, I did not like what you had to say. Sometimes, I tried changing your voice. Sometimes, I hated you so much I shut you up, completely. Yet, you stayed […]

Tragical Realism

(Text by Nicolas Calmes) Editor’s Note: While the following slam poetry poem is not necessarily speculative fiction, Nicolas has asked the Aner Welten team if he could publish this text on our platform. Considering that Salman Rushdie is a pillar of magic realism and thus also speculative fiction, and the recent attack has shocked many […]

A (W)hole

(Text by Fernando Martins da Mota) There are rumours about where my thoughts stray to Murmurs and rumblings about the frame That from stained light scarcely departs When the rain’s incessant drops lull my mind When last the petals strewn their colour lost And darkened When last the hands your face gently held And the […]