Call for Submissions: Solarpunk Anthology Zine

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(Text by the Aner Welten Team)

Dear all,

we would like to bring your attention to our very first open call for submissions. The Aner Welten Team has decided to produce our first thematic anthology zine. Please have a look at the specific website we made for this: https://solarpunk.anerwelten.lu

For further information, contact us!


De Cosimo an d’Sandy.


  • Cosimo writes short-stories, poems, and plays. He has published texts with Les Cahiers Luxembourgeois, Black Fountain Press, Nos Cahiers and Solarpunk Magazine. Cosimo received the 2021 Chrysalis Award for Luxembourg: an award dedicated to emerging writers in the speculative fiction genre. Cosimo likes frogs and insects, and he sometimes says words out loud, which makes people laugh, much to his surprise. You can find more about him on cosimosuglia.com

  • Sandy (she / her) — not Sally, not Candy, not Sandra — is a fantasy and sf enthusiast since childhood. Reading, commenting, and giving criticism without being asked are a few of her hobbies, as well as event planning for Luxcon. She is currently doing a Master’s degree at the University of Luxembourg, in a program with a name so long, it would have whole paragraphs on its own. With her ego and Cosimo’s talent (her words), they make a pretty good team.

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