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SOLARPUNK: The Heart of the Sun

[by ROBBIE MARTZEN] To him, time travel had only ever been about the past. He wanted to peek from behind the blood-red velvet curtains while Marie-Antoinette was having her cake and eating it; he wanted to hide in the gator-infested swamps to see Armstrong boarding the spacecraft, still blissfully unaware that being the first man […]


[by COSIMO SUGLIA] The Barometz feeds on soil nurtured, away from eyes resting, for if they see; look unto the lamb, its stasis will not tell that in the dead of the night, the umbilical connection to earth becomes puppeteer, let’s the lamb roam, not far but enough movement to satisfy hunger, and in their […]

SOLARPUNK: The Essence of Life

[by AUDREY MARTIN] “I thought we were going to the rollerdrome?” I called after Dana as she disappeared down the narrow alley. “I just need to check something,” she answered, without looking back. I sighed and turned towards the sunlit street that would have led us directly to our prized destination. A calm breeze flowed […]

SOLARPUNK: Mensch aus Menschen

[by LUC FRANÇOIS] “Wäre diese Gesellschaft ein Mensch, sie wäre ein Heroin-Süchtiger.” Das war der erste Satz, den ich von dir gehört habe, damals vor zig Jahren. Sturzbetrunken bist du gewesen. An den Namen der Bar kann ich mich nicht erinnern. Dafür nur zu genau an meinen ersten Eindruck von dir: Was für ein Trottel. […]

SOLARPUNK: Summer Flakes

[by FABIENNE FAUST] The oval pills were to be found in supermarkets, their flashy yellow and purple packages neatly stacked in wooden crates. Winter sun was my brother Jake’s favourite. It contained a special blend of lemon zest and vitamin D. My mum went in for Summer Flakes. She claimed that the tartness of the […]