Versalzen Blimmercher

(Text by Ognyan ‘Flame’ Darinov) Henri Schaultes broke one of his most sacred traditions today. When he sat down for his morning coffee in his spacious kitchen, he decided, almost like a maniac, that this morning he wouldn’t read the news in French. Instead, he’d do so in a language that he could speak perfectly […]


(Text by Audrey Martin) Your eyes sting as you stare at the blinking bar on the screen in front of you — grey shadows dancing over the bright, white page. Breathing has been difficult for the last hour. You know it should be automatic but it isn’t, so you inflate your lungs yourself, deflate them, […]


(Text by Luc François) Als der Riese über das Dorf herfiel, trieb sich der Jägerssohn Aaron gerade im nahen Wäldchen herum. Noch bevor aus der Ferne das tiefe Ächzen herüberdrang, und der Boden unter den stampfen Schritten erzitterte, verrieten die Tiere sein Kommen. Sie hatten eine schlimmere Bedrohung als den Menschen erkannt. Überall knackte und […]


(Text by Kiara Roth) If I could have chosen my superpower, I would have picked invisibility or flying. Maybe time travel. Some fancy stuff that would make me look cool in front of my classmates or that I could use to get the things that I wanted. Something… you know, helpful. Unfortunately, I was not […]

Let It Be Known

(Text by Gregory Fearn) My name is Wilson Klein. In life, I was a woodworker. Now, I am a ghost. That is to say, I am a soul without a body. I was a ghost for many years before my having died – which is when most people who become ghosts do so – but […]

Introduction to Aner Welten: Welcome!

(Text by the Aner Welten Team) I want to welcome each and everyone of you to our online fanzine about speculative fiction from and about Luxembourg: Aner Welten. Aner Welten is a passion project that came into existence because of my master’s thesis (I wrote about science-fiction in Luxembourg). I realized that Luxembourgish speculative fiction […]